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Tested Email Swipe #1

Subject Line: Why Try-Hard Preppers Die First In A Crisis

Allow to make the following assumptions:

You've been diligently prepping for the next disaster for years now.

You have your food & water stockpile...

You're ready to barter if money ever lose their value...

You probably have a property defense plan laid out...

And your bug-out-bag is at the ready - just in case.

You. Are. Ready.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but according to this tragic and true story of unconventional survival wisdom, it could be that all you've done so far is dig your own grave.

Sounds harsh.

I know.

But if you're man enough to admit your plan may not be as flawless as you think - the story I want to share with you will show you some avant-garde prepping techniques that will give you real peace of mind knowing you can withstand even the destructive power of an all out civil war.

>>>Click here for full details... IF you're man enough -> <<<

Tested Email Swipe #2

Subject Line:Why Civil War Is Possible and Terrifying...

Why Conventional Preparedness Wisdom Will Get You Killed - A US Army Officer's Field Guide to Surviving a New Civil War

There's a division in America so extreme it's hard to see a way back. Whether it's left vs. right, race - or religion. It's never been like this...

According to a Gallup 77% of Americans believe our country is irreversibly divided


  • A Surge in Left-Wing Terrorism - with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise as the latest victim of a rise in political assassinations since the Trump-administration took power.
  • Violent Race Riots: that have caused over $5 billion in damages since 2010, engulfing even small towns like Ferguson in 2015, resulting in 321 arrests, in a town of just 20,000 people!
  • A Liberal vs. Conservative Culture War: that's near-identical to the buildup of every major civil war in history. With each viewing the other as vermin... Increasing the chances a civil conflict will spread like wildfire...

Believe me. I've seen it before...

>>>Click Here To Discover The Us Army Officer's Guide To Surviving A New Civil War And Why America Is On The Path To Self-Destruction<<<

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Tested Email Swipe #3

Subject Line:The Hardest Preparedness Lesson Of My Entire Life

FEMA thought THIS was the beginning of the greatest societal collapse of all time and I was there to witness it and survive it.

Click here to discover simple tacticsto discover simple tactics that will help you thrive in dangerous times, when vicious psychopaths are beating or killing others just for fun... and when there's no 911 to call and no police to come to your help.

October 2016

Tested Email Swipe #1

Subject Line: 3 Naive Mistakes You're Making That Put Your Family At Risk

Do you know why you should never put a tall fence around your house?...

Or what kind of meat you should never eat in a crisis?

Or why you should never hide your stockpile in the basement?...

These are naive mistakes that are unknowingly putting your family at risk.

Find out here how to urgently correct them right away.

Tested Email Swipe #2

Subject Line: Why Over-Preparedness Can Kill In A Crisis

I didn't believe it myself, until I saw this case study on what happened in Egypt in the early days of the Arab Spring.

As violent mobs of looters ransacked neighborhood after neighborhood, a fellow American, Steve, who was visiting his sister there found refuge inside a house that looked incredibly secure.

There was a 10 ft wall surrounding it, a safe room with enough water and food to last a year... and enough weapons to throw back an entire military squadron.

But despite all this, that house, along with the man who hosted our American brother, fell to the raging looters.

Click here if you're curious to find out how Steve managed to get away and live to tell his story.


Tested Email Swipe #1

Subject Line:3 Fatal Crisis Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

It's hard to believe that even some innocent mistakes - like eating a certain type of meat, or hiding your stockpile in the basement - could ever cost you your life.

This is not something taken out of some books, or manuals...

It's something that US army officer, Steve Walker saw happen with his own eyes.

Click here if you want to get Steve's expertise about the fatal mistakes most people make in a crisis and the simple and counter-intuitive methods on how to avoid them.

Tested Email Swipe #2

Subject Line:Simple Methods To Ease Your Home Defense Methods

When the SHTF ruthless predators will roam about seeking their next target.

And sooner or later, they're gonna find you too...

They won't care if you have a wife or kids...

They're gonna do whatever it takes to get inside and take your food...

Even if it means going over you and your family's dead bodies.

What are you gonna do to make sure this doesn't happen?

Whatever that is, make sure it's not what this guy did...


He's dead...

>>Click here to protect your food and family against ruthless predators.<<

Tested Email Swipe #3

Subject Line:Counter-Intuitive Home Protection Techniques

What you're about to discover here, contradicts everything you've ever known about protecting your home and family from looters, thieves, and rapists during a crisis.

These techniques are taken out from actual 21st century warzones, where social chaos is the name of the game.

People from these lawless states know exactly how to create virtually impenetrable barriers, it the nick of time and without any money.

>>Click here to find out more about these unusual home defense strategies and exactly why conventional preparedness can be deadly.<<

Tested Email Swipe #4

Subject Line:3 Ways To End Up In A FEMA Camp

Thousands of preppers were SHELLSHOCKED when they saw this.

A renegade prepper steps out and exposes 3 unexpected prepping mistakes you're probably making...

>>Do you make these 3 FATAL mistakes in a crisis?<<

Tested Email Swipe #5

Subject Line:FEMA Panicked When This Video Was Leaked

This video just went viral and became one of the top prepping videos on the internet.

Blacklisted video uncovers 3 ways your family can end up in a FEMA concentration camp...

...and an easy way to escape from FEMA's deadly clutches

>>This Banned Video will Surprise You<<

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